Move pages out of "preview" workspace

I have setup a prototype page and successfully created a new document/page in the CMS UI.

It only shows up in the console under the preview workspace. How do I promote/publish it to production?

thank you,


you need to enable autoexport and once you publish channel changes it will be exported as yaml files to your file system
To bring it to production, you should create distribution package and enable bootstrapping on your production system…

Not sure what you exactly mean with “production”.

If you mean publish to the “live” site - accessible in your local environment via localhost:8080/site - then you can publish those changes by opening the Channel option, visible at the top of the channel manager: there you will find the “Publish” button. If you click on it, you will find the changes in the “live” site as well.


Thank you. I thought I had “published” it, but maybe I was mistaken.