Faceted navigation - use document reference instead of property

I have a news document type with the following fields:
Display name (path) - hipposysedit:type
Title (project:title) - string
Body (project:body )- hippostd:html
Author (project:author) - hippo:mirror
Type (project:type) - hippo:mirror

Is it possible to set up a tree facet using as facets Author and Type despite them not being document properties of project:Article?
I think it’s not possible but wanted to confirm.
I was thinking on a workaround where I could create document properties to store values from author and type so they can be used in the facet feature (or maybe I should understand derived attributes to have something like that working?).

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You are correct in your analysis. Facets only work on document properties, not on sub-nodes. Using derived data or a workflow event listener you could set properties on your main document node. I would keep these nodes hidden from your editor view as they won’t be meant for editors to change directly.

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Thanks, Jasper.

I was afraid that was the case.

I’m going for that approach currently and I think it will do ok.