Localization of facetnodenames-values

I have a faceted navigation over severall document-types and configured a facet for

In the configuration I already have Resource Files for the primaryTypes.
How can I get these translation into facet-navigation ?

For example I get osde_40:newsdocument and in the ressouece bundle I have jcr:name =News

noone with an answer ?

I also would like to use Taxonomie as a facet !
I managed to use the key - but what about the name?

Hi Thomas,
Resource bundles can be used in an HST site using <fmt:setBundle> and <fmt:message>, see at https://documentation.bloomreach.com/14/library/concepts/translations/hst-2-dynamic-resource-bundles-support.html


Hi Jeroen,

basically I am aware of that :slight_smile:

But in that special case, I do not know how to adapt this knowledge.
Under /hippo:configuration/hippo:translations/hippo:types
I have the following nodes:


with the following resourcebundles (example):

How do I address this bundle with <fmt:setBundle basename=?? > ?

— Addendum –
I assume, that I am totally on the wrong trip :frowning:
I assume, that the translations in the first image are for the cms and they are not accessible by the delivery tier - so I have to create a separate bundle (e.g.) with the ressource bundle plugin.

Yes, that’s right, try resource bundle of type resourcebundle:resourcebundle, usually below /content/documents/administration…

For taxonomy keys, there’s a TaxonomyManager that you can set up in an HST site, then ask it for the category names, see https://documentation.bloomreach.com/14/library/concepts/plugins/taxonomy/delivery-tier.html

Cheers, Jeroen

Ok, thank you- that helps!