Failed to create getter for node type: seosupport:seo

I created a new document type and added the SEO Compound type to it.
I used beanwriter to generate the bean but I got an error saying “Failed to create getter for node type: seosupport:seo”.
How do I create the getters and setters for this or how do i get this in the FTL?

If the bean writer can’t do it for you for some reason, then you will have to add these to the bean by hand.

would this be an accurate representation for the seosupport bean to get the title ?

public String getSeoTitle() {
return getProperty(“seosupport:seotitle”);

I tried this but i am still unable to get the title.

The SEO addition is a compound. This will translate as a node, so the getter would need to return a bean to the SEO compound. But the SEO plugin isn’t meant to be used as an addition to a document type but as component in the channel manager.

You could create a bean for the SEO compound if you want.