Channel Manager Preview is Blank



My channel manager preview is blank sometimes. It just shoes the white page.

I checked the Channel Manager troubleshooting page which says I need to set X-Frame-Options response header value to SAMEORIGIN.

Any idea how to get this done?



Hey Rakesh,

which version do you use?

Regards Ard


Hi Ard,

I am using 12.2.0 Hippo version.




    January 29

Hi Ard,

I am using 12.2.0 Hippo version.

I am not aware of issues wrt channel mgr in 12.2.0. Perhaps you can check whether there are javascript errors when it happens, or whether there are server logs indicating a problem

Regards Ard


That’s a spring issue. See:


Thanks Jasper.

Will try if I can make any changes.