FAQ: How to make the preview in Content SaaS to work?

The preview is not working on the Experience Manager

Look into the below possibilities:

  • Check if the channel is configured with a proper preview app
  • Check if the preview app is updated
  • Check the version of the SPA SDK and use the latest one
  • Change the preview app to a localhost reference SPA app
  • Use a skeleton/white label app from BR support contact person to test the preview
  • Create a development project and update channel’s url in it or update the channel’s SPA url property using channel management api
  • Check the loading time of the page, if it is taking too long to load it will time out
  • Check if the preview app is configured properly or has a technology that stops the brXm from listening to page loaded fully events required to show Channel and Page buttons. If you are the developer of this app, ensure that Bloomreach SPA SDK is used properly (both BrPage and BrComponent directives). Alternatively, check the troubleshooting guide.
  • Reach out to Bloomreach support contact person for all of above
  • Check status of Bloomreach server, cloud services could be impaired

Documentation reference: