RSS feed plugin bugs


Not sure if this is a good place to report as the plugin is a bloomreach-forge plugin,

I spotted a bug, when you configure the ‘RSS 2.0 Feed’ document and select an image at the bottom, the result RSS XML will have the width and height of the image set to -1.
I looked at the source and it look like the class org.bloomreach.forge.feed.api.transform.rss.HippoGalleryImageSetToImageTransformer does not pass the width and height to the Image object. Also, the file name is used as the image title, but w3c validator shouts that the image title should be the same as in the channel title, so maybe the image title should be set to something like alt text or description of the gallery image set so that it could be easily editable?

How can I report the bugs?

On a side, the RSS feed does not output the “self” URL for the channel, which is a mandatory spec and does not validate with RSS 2.0 specification - without looking at the source and customizing, is that something possible through configuration?