getMountContentBaseBean returns null

I’m making a new rest service under cm.modules and the first few lines are

        public void saveDocument(
                @Context HttpServletRequest servletRequest,
                @Context HttpServletResponse servletResponse,
                @Context UriInfo uriInfo) {
            HstRequestContext requestContext =
            try {
                WorkflowPersistenceManager wpm = (WorkflowPersistenceManager)
                HippoFolderBean contentBaseFolder =
                String productFolderPath = contentBaseFolder.getPath() +

What needs to be passed in from the client to get a valid result from getMountContentBaseBean(requestContext)? I’m using soapui to test

getResolvedMount().getMount().getContentPath() is null in HstRequestContextImpl line 923

Thank you :slight_smile: