Getting error while setting up JaxrsPlainRestPipeline


I am getting an error while setting JaxrsPlainRestPipeline.
I am following below documentation for the same,

I am getting below error,

[e[1;34mINFOe[m] [talledLocalContainer] 19.04.2023 15:52:24 WARN http-nio-8080-exec-1 [HstDelegateeFilterBean.doFilter:645] ContainerException for ‘Request{ method=‘GET’, scheme=‘http’, host=‘localhost:8080’, requestURI=’/site/adviceinsights/restservices’, queryString=‘null’}':
[e[1;34mINFOe[m] [talledLocalContainer] org.hippoecm.hst.core.container.ContainerException: Unknown namedPipeline JaxrsRestPlainPipeline. Request processing cannot continue.
[e[1;34mINFOe[m] [talledLocalContainer] at org.hippoecm.hst.core.container.HstRequestProcessorImpl.processRequest( ~[hst-core-14.7.13.jar:?]
[e[1;34mINFOe[m] [talledLocalContainer] at org.hippoecm.hst.container.HstDelegateeFilterBean.doFilter( [hst-core-14.7.13.jar:14.7.13]

Please Find attached screenshot for more info,

The JaxrsRestPlainPipeline should have been set up in Spring by xml configuration which is present in the hst-jaxrs.jar. Do you have that jar present in the site webapp?
If so, there may be an earlier error from Spring initialization.


Hi @jeroen.hoffman

Yes that jar file exist in site app as below,

I am not getting any error while running locally. Should it not throw some error during application start if it is an Spring Initialization error?

Is there a way we can check whether these beans related to JaxrsRestPlainPipeline actually initialized/skipped at startup of app?

What I am thinking is it is not trying to override the bean from below location.

Your screenshots show that you have the jar in your local Maven repository, not necessarily in your site app. You may want to double check the site/webapp/target/site/WEB-INF/lib directory.

Furthermore you can look into how Spring logs the initialization, don’t know that by heart but AFAIK it can be set from the conf/log4j2-dev.xml file.

After enabling debug for “org.springframework” got to know that pipeline was not initialized at startup.
After deep diving into it got to know that it is because of dependency collision.

Thank you @jeroen.hoffman for your help!! Really appreciate it!!