RSS Feed ContainerException: Unknown namedPipeline JaxrsRestFeedPipeline

We’re getting the following exception having followed the instructions to install the RSS Feed:

ContainerException for 'Request{ method='GET', scheme='http', host='localhost:8080', requestURI='/site/feed/syndication/rss.xml', queryString='null'}': org.hippoecm.hst.core.container.ContainerException: Unknown namedPipeline JaxrsRestFeedPipeline. Request processing cannot continue.

We did a spike a while back and it worked fine, but now we wish to implement it we can’t get it working and I’m wondering if something changes with the class JaxrsRestFeedPipeline for v5.x of the plugin which has stopped it working for v4.0.1?

We’re using v12.6.3 of Bloomreach so followed the instructions here:
To ensure I’m using the correct documentation for the version compatible with v12.x of Bloomreach (v4.0.1 of the feed plugin)

Here are some screenshots of the config:
Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 14.54.25


My colleague ran through the instructions from scratch but with the latest instructions (having done it once before and seeing the same problem) and it appears to be working :woman_shrugging:.

We wonder if it’s a bootstrapping issue so that once it’s caused an issue, the problem is retained as comparing the versions of code (and updating my install to match exactly) maintains the issue.

The pipeline should be loaded by spring, so it’s not a bootstrap error I think. Check your logs as tomcat is starting for any errors there. Also check if you have any dependency version issues.