How to configure rss feed creator

I’m using hippo cms version 13.0.0 and following this link to configure feed creator but getting error - http-nio-9080-exec-8 [HstDelegateeFilterBean.doFilter:467] ContainerException for ‘Request{ method=‘GET’, scheme=‘http’, host=‘localhost:9080’, requestURI=’/site/feed/syndication/rss.xml’, queryString=‘null’}’: org.hippoecm.hst.core.container.ContainerException: Unknown namedPipeline JaxrsRestFeedPipeline. Request processing cannot continue.

Just in case, did you follow the part, “In your site module also create /src/main/resources/META-INF/hst-assembly/overrides/feed-rest-services.xml…”, in the step 5,


in your local /src/main/resources/META-INF/hst-assembly/overrides/feed-rest-services.xml had issue let us know if you still seeing that issue.