High priority Issue login page error

Hi Friends as we know in console settings we can do supported browsers settings as shown in below screen shot

here I added IE browser like Internet Explorer 10 >= as fifth browser and saved the settings. Next time when i enter login URL it is showing error as below screen shot

To revert the settings login page itself not displaying. Please Help me friends on this issue.

This is unfortunate…
If this is local, just delete the local storage and restart. On some environment, how about restoring a database backup?

Otherwise, perhaps create a bootstrapping jar that resets the property, test it locally, drop it in your Tomcat and restart with repo.bootstrap=true.


I don’t think this will ever be possible for you. This isn’t meant as an area for users to modify, though you can attempt to do so to get rid of unsupported browser messages. However, looking at the code, it will not accept every user agent. We don’t support IE and the code will never accept that as a valid browser.

HI Mahesh,
I agree with Jasper that you shouldn’t expect the CMS to work in IE if you add that piece of configuration, but the code should be more robust and not lock you out. You can file an issue at https://issues.onehippo.com/projects/CMS if you want.