Calling Import and export functionality programatically

Hello Developers,
One of our project requirement demands us to import images from physical folder to Hippo Gallery and then export the same images in xml format for further processing.

I want to import all these images and then export these images using Hippo’s export utility.

I do not want to go with manual option of uploading images to Hippo Gallery and export it using out of the box export utility. Rather, I need to do this job programmatically.

Is there any way where I can achieve this programmatically. Has anyone done this type of work in past? Any sort of guidance would be highly appreciated.

why would you need this in the first place?

Hi Machak,
we have migrated content from legacy system and in that we have got the image urls. we have downloaded these images and now need to upload these images to Hippo to generate the uuid for each of the images. we will then map these image uuids to respective documents through our code.

For this purpose we are trying to finding some ways to upload and export images to hippo programmatically.

If you can guide us on this would be great!

You could make use of: