Transfer Document types b/w environments (Import/export)

Is there a Programatic way to export/import DocumentType B/w environments .

Was using (Hippo Content EXIM (EXport/IMport) Documentation – Command Line Examples To Export Content) and see can export /import documents via zip are working .

Is there a programatic way to export and Import DocumentTypes as well ?

Don’t think export/import document types is supported by the plugin.

Such function might be possible but it needs a thorough understanding of the internals. Main issue is that there’s not only /hippo:namespaces configuration but also cnd entries, quite tricky to do programmatically. It’s done in our bootstrapping process, so maybe just doing deployments is an easier way for you.


Thanks Jeroen, “doing deployment” do we mean Manually moving the export or Import of xml/yaml/zip from console. Is there any other way apart from manual deployement or something this doesnt require manual intervention ?

No, it means: deploying your changes via deployment.

(edit: corrected link)

Console is not meant for moving content etc. it is just meant for quick fixes. Content shouldn’t be moved around and should be entered on in your production system. You can put it behind firewall etc. if needed and separate it from facing pubic access directly. If you run enterprise project, you can use content replication plugin for moving content around.

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