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The next session of Hippo Meetup NL is going to be at Thursday, October 18. You are more than welcome to join us (Please sign up in advance so that we know how many pizzas to order).

In this session I am going to talk about the following topics

How to customize HST page diagnostics in a clean way

HST page diagnostics is one of the most versatile tools in the toolbox of a Hippo developer. One of the things that I love about it is the fact that it is customizable but what I don’t want is chunks of code like the following all over my code

Task queryTask = null;
try {
if (HDC.isStarted()) {
queryTask = HDC.getCurrentTask().startSubtask(“Traverse All Beans”);
// Your code
} finally {
if (queryTask != null) {

So in this short presentation we are going to explore a tool that allows you to customize HST page diagnostics using annotations.

Demystifying JCR database

In this presentation we are going to dig deep into JCR and will find out how JCR stores data into the relational database, how you can read them and how JCR clustering works. After we understood how JCR database works, we are going to explore running Hippo against more exotic databases e.g. MongoDB, Cassandra or etc. Our goal in this presentation is more than just to sate a curiosity. But knowing how JCR manages data under the hood have practical operational benefit in day to day life of a Hippo developer.

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yep…HDC shopld be wrapped in auto-closable or similar…so you just can do:

try (DiagnosticsAutoClosable ignored = new DiagnosticsAutoClosable("myName")) {



Thanks for invitation and appreciate for your efforts.

I am from India kindly could you please let me know is there any possibility for webex or slimier tool to join.

because i am in india.

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thanks &

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I assume Ebrahim is using aop kind of approach using diagnostics annotations (so different approach than auto closable). IIRC, Woonsan also used spring aop with diagnostics in some place, but am not sure any more.

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spring aop

on HST part yep, for some reason I rarely use HDC on HST part :wink:

Sounds like some great topics. Will the event be recorded or slides made available afterwards? I would love to attend, but I’m stuck in Texas :frowning:

Exactly, I am indeed using AOP. @machak It can be used both with spring AOP and AspectJ but I tend to use AspectJ for this because Spring AOP can only be applied to methods of a spring bean. plus Spring AOP can only be applied to public/default methods. Beside compile time weaving preforms much better than proxy-based Spring AOP.

@ganeshraju1984 and @marsdev Unfortunately at this time, we don’t have the necessary preparations for streaming the presentations. But we might start doing so from the next session.

By the way, we still have a couple of seats left for tonight’s events. It is not too late to signup. If you are coming tonight please make sure that you sign up before 16:00 CEST.