Hippo project Feature - OutOfMemory

Hi community,
we are upgrading to hippo 12 and I noticed when we create a project and add the channel to it. we get OutOfMemory (as the main node and it’s preview are being copied in JCR) so I increased the heap memory from 1Gb to 2Gb . but whatever memory we through, hippo is eating that up. so I wanted to ask what is the recommended memory for project feature to work with no issues ? I’ve not found any info in documentation regarding that.


do you happen to have a very/extremely large channel, as in very many
configuration nodes? You can check this in the /repository servlet
easiest with a search (all nodetypes and then count the number of
result nodes) in the hst channel you are trying to add to the project

Regards Ard

@ard.schrijvers Thanks for your reply.
Yes we have one channel that has lots of nodes under it, but not Extremely!
so I can infer from your reply that only solution is to through more memory ?