Hippo upgrade: Content Bootstrap

Hello Team,

I am working on Hippo upgrade from 11.2.14 to 12.0.2 version. I have question related to content. We have some existing content on prod and we don’t want loose that when we perform the upgrade.

Will existing content be preserved or will it get wiped out when we perform upgrade and bootstrap hippo for the first time?

We just wanted to make sure that we should not loose any content.

Thanks in advance.


Of course the content will be preserved!
Normally the content is categorized as such and then, since /content node already exists in the target repository, it won’t be overridden.
(Except when there’s a big developer’s mistake but you’ll notice that on pre-production envs.)

See at https://documentation.bloomreach.com/library/concepts/configuration-management/manage-content.html and sibling pages.


Indeed, the content will be preserved during the upgrade.
At least if, as Jeroen already mentioned, your project bootstrap configuration properly categorized the ‘content’ as content.
For the documentation links, make sure to read the v12 versions (there might be some changes since), e.g. use https://documentation.bloomreach.com/12/library/concepts/configuration-management/manage-content.html instead of the ‘latest’ link provided by Jeroen.

If you properly follow the 11.2->12.0 upgrade instructions (customers access), which includes using the pre-deployment verification of your project configuration using the Configuration Verifier to catch ‘big developer mistakes’ before they are applied, you should be all set and done.

Regards, Ate

Thank you Jeroen and Ate for your quick reply. One more question, Currently I have upgraded to 12.0.2 and we want to upgrade project to 13 version.

So can we upgrade directly 13.00 or is it better to upgrade to 12.6 as it is stable version and then to 13.00?

Thanks in advance.