How to creare new Module (same as application or development)

I’m new to hippo/bloomreach, but I have a project which contain a common module, and another site specific module.
I was reading this topic
I can’t see much step how to achieve this, I tried copying the application folder under “myhippoproject/repository-data/” and configuring its pom and hcm-module.yaml files but no luck.

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:


So what are your trying to achieve exactly? Does the common module contain yaml files? If so I suggested to make it as submodule of repository-data and add it to auto-export, see [1]



Copying the existing structure should work. However, they also need to be included in the application. The pom of the modules package them as a jar. If you look at the cms pom you will see it has a dependency on the repository data modules. You need to do that for any new module you wish to include.

@jeroen.hoffman, I’m trying to create common repository module which will contain yaml files of components and try to share it across different sites (maybe), then the application repository module will be site specific, and use the common components from the common module.
But I can’t find how to create a repository module, shall I copy application or development modules and configure poms or what exactly ?