Override document from repository-data-application-data in repository-data-development


I’m currently busy with the upgrade from 11 to 12. In our project we define a minimal set of content in the repository-data-application module. We also define a couple of (empty) documents.
In the repository-data-development module we want to replace these empty documents with fully populated versions.
When I run the project with cargo.run (and therefore with the repository-data-development enabled) it does NOT override the empty documents with the ones defined in the development-data module.
What should I do to accomplish this (I assume it is possible).

With kind regards,
Rob Haring

You either will have to bundle your (empty) production documents in a
separate module not used in local development (only add it as dependency
to the distribution), or make use of content actions to reload the
specific development-data content as documented here:


Thanks Ate,

After some experimenting I came to the same conclusion!