Hot deployment of JSP/java code


Currently I`am developing with Bloomreach v14 and I want to speed up the development time by using hotdeployment-features exspecially for JSP.
I have allready tried out the “HotSwapAgent”, which hotswap my java-code properly but doesn´t swap the JSP and using jrebel is not possible currently.

Can anybody recommend me other way for doing the “hotdeployment” properly.

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My main recommendation is to not use JSP’s. Try Freemarker instead.

I don’t use HotSwapAgent, but it should be a matter of configuration. Check the documentation, it definitely seems to suggest it is possible.

If you have not configured the JSP files under Webfiles then you may want to do that because according to the document the files will be reloaded automatically under local development

JSP’s cannot be place in webfiles and cannot (simply) be reloaded automatically.

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