How can I organize everything in the Initiatives section

Hi all,

I am a new Bloomreach user and I have a question. We have multiple brands within our company, and each brand has multiple countries where we usually keep everything nicely organized in our current CRM Marketing system.

I just got access to Bloomreach and I am wondering how can I organize content, newsletters, basically anything so that not everything is all over the place. For example, let’s take a newsletter structure that we have for the UK consumers/campaigns only:

We’d have a parent folder called UK > Campaign Newsletters sub-folder > 2022 sub-folder > August sub-folder > content can be found here

Since I don’t see the option to create sub-folders within an Initiative, how do you keep things organized here?

Thank you in advance.

The structure is not inherent to Bloomreach but a choice for the project. If you cannot create subfolders, then that is what has been configured for that folder. It is possible to change this, but is it desirable? I cannot answer that as it is a project specific choice. There may be reasons to not allow this, it may just be something they didn’t consider. You will have to take this up with your product owner.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I don’t mind that this doesn’t have the folder - sub folder structure. It would just be great to see some material or testimonials from other users to learn how they have managed to organize their content and keep different markets of the same brand separated and easy to find. Can’t find much documentation on that at the moment.

There are some case studies to be found on our site. I don’t know if that has what you are looking for.

Perhaps some other users here can offer more insight.

It’s true there isn’t much documentation on this. It is easier to advise on what not to do, but advising on what to do often depends on the specific project. If the data you want is properly placed in that structure, but you need more structure in subfolders, then I would take that up with your PO. However, it may be that the amount of extra documents you need are small. It would seem pointless to add a folder for a single document (that’s debatable of course). In that case I would seek to organize the data with well named documents.

Thank you, Jasper. Yes basically we have so many newsletters going out on daily basis that they need to be organized by Country > Year > Month basis. That is the problem I am having. I will check the case studies provided. I did check a couple of those but couldn’t find the info I was looking for but i will check some more.

I am trying not to have the mentality of recreating what we used to have, but adapt completely to something new. Basically I could use the tag system and create the Country > Year > Month organization through that by using separate tags that team members can just add, which will lead them to the desired newsletters. I will definitely start testing new approaches. I will also discuss with the PO and see what can be done. Otherwise i will just keep testing with the tags.

It does sound like you could benefit from a more extensive folder structure if you are sending newsletters daily. Using tags is actaully a good idea even if you have the folder structure. If the tags are used as metadata on the document then it is better for that to be a property of the document rather than contained in the folder structure. There is of course the possibility of getting one of our experts to consult with you, but that may have already been done.

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