Best practices for folder structure


I have a content folder named “MyProject” and I want to know how is it better to structure it:

  1. My Project folder-> Brand name folder (brand A or brand B) -> Product folder -> specific documents

  2. My Project folder -> Product folder -> specific documents duplicated with suffix _brand_name_A and _brand_name_B (header_brand_A , header_brand_B , document1_brand_A, document1_brand_B and so on…).

The specific document can have different content for brand A and brand B


Please see [1] for some general advice. There are very many ways you set this up, what is right depends on your case. In either case you represent I see a lot of duplication of data. This does not seem ideal to me. You might consider making brand a value list and adding whatever brands as keywords on the product. Or create a brand document and link the product to each brand using. As for brand specific information per product…that would really depend on the nature of the data.



Thank you for your reply. To be more clear, a product is more like a Landing Page which has different components like header, hero, teasers, accordions and footer . And the same product is present on two brands (two different hosts) but with very different information. But is it possible that not all the page components can have different content, some of them could have the same.

So the idea is to split the content of the product in brand folders (including the common ones) or just put them in the product folders and the documents will have brand specific content ?

Make sense?

Thank you

In any case I would have the brand as part of the document, meta data about a document is best stored as a direct document property. This is a requirement for the use of facet navigation, but it is also better for performance of queries.

I’m still a little unclear as to the nature of your data. Is a product a generic thing where the brand specific item is their version, or is a product a specific which a brand just adds their name too?

To be more clear here is a straight example:

Brand ‘gmx’ , product Gymondo :
Brand ‘webde’ , product Gymondo:

As you can see the pages are not content identical , some components are different.

Is it more clear now?

Sorry for the late response, I have been busy. I would put all common pars of the product into a shared product document in its own folder structyre. Then you can also have separate brand documents which you link to the products they have.