How to configure containers which appear inside catalog components

I have a page with a container. I have catalog components which have a set number of “content slots” which are containers. I would then have catalog components which are the content to go in these slots.

The idea is to eventually have a container on my page, which can only have these layout catalog components added to them. And then the types of catalog component that can be added to the layout component containers will also be restricted to certain types.

The problem I am running into, is that when I add one of these layout components to my container, it doesn’t render the code necessary for the “content slot” containers inside the new layout component I just added, until I refresh the page.

Is this intended behaviour or a bug with the channel manager possibly? The reason I’m setting the page up this way instead of just having a single content document control everything is because I am hoping it will feel like a better user experience and the business requested it. But if they have to refresh every time they add a layout component then it’s not really worth doing.

What you are designing is not supported yet. Containers cannot contain containers. Some parts of the system may seem to work, but there’s a lot of details going wrong (e.g. the UI rendering, like you experienced, but also things like locking containers once someone edited them, etc.)

A feature like this is on the radar of our product managers, but I don’t know about any time lines.



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Wasn’t expecting this but that’s good to hear, looking forward to it!

Thanks Mathijs