Channels not visible in Experience Manager on different environment

Hello! I am currently having issues with displaying channels on cloud environment. I have no trouble displaying them on localhost, however, when I deploy my application on the cloud nothing shows in the experience manager tab. I’ve tried everything that was described on the troubleshooting guide but nothing helps. I can access everything else in the content tab and I am also able to create new documents. Do you have any idea what might be causing the issue? Do I have to add another specific host to access the cms? I have no problem accessing and editing configurations in the console as well.

any errors in the browser tab?
If you are accessing your site / cms via context path, you might need to enable or disable it (hst:showcontextpath: false / true)

Hello and thanks for the quick response. The browser does not seem to show any errors. In terms of the context path, I’ve set it to root.

we don’t support ROOT.war deployments in v14 (or even v13 and up).
You should just enable context (hst:showcontextpath=treu) if it is not stripped by a proxy,
or disable it (hst:showcontextpath=false) if it is stripped by a proxy (proxy could be either a load balncer or apache/ngingx server / ingress )

I’ve double-checked now and I’ve misunderstood the context path - it is not root, in fact, I do not access site/cms with it. However, I do have a proxy (ngingx) so I will give it a try with hst:showcontextpath.

Unfortunately, the problem still stands even with adding hst:showcontextpath. I’ve deleted my previous host and followed the link you sent me first. It still does not show any channels - it was said in the guide that if the hosts do not match in hst:platform and hst:myproject/hst:hosts some features such as the channel editor will not be visible. However, in my case, they both match. Do you have any other suggestions as the logs still do not show any error?

EDIT: I am also not able to access any of my sitemap urls which I believe is a part of the problem.