Is there a way to combine facets with taxonomy?

Hello there!

For my use case I need to tag article documents with themes, categories and subcategories. There are several themes, each theme has its own categories and each category in turn has its own subcategories. All of these fields should be manageable.

Here’s where it gets tricky. I need to filter the themes, categories and subcategories separately. Now there is only one “hippotaxonomy:keys” field, where I would like three seperate fields for “myproject:theme”, “myproject:categorie” and “myproject:subcategorie” so I can use them with facets.

Is there a way to store the values in such a way?

This is not possible out-of-the-box, but you could write a second DAO service, a sibling of /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-services/classificationDaoService.

Then add a ‘taxonomy.classification.dao’ property to the TaxonomyPickerPlugin field configuration to point to it.

Page is about something else but still could be helpful understanding how that works.

Regards, Jeroen