How to update the production database with the Lucene indexer?

We had a lot of errors on our local environment while we were running a fresh copy of the production database.

We were able to remove most of the errors by following the doc Bloomreach guide. The repair report (from local) mentioned that it fixed like 35.000 index errors.

My question is… How do we proceed with this guide for the production environment? Should we update those files on local and do a deploy? I’m a bit lost with this right now.

Thanks for reading this.

The Lucene search index is file system based and therefore present on every machine involved in your environment. For local development, it’s actually easiest to delete the whole index and have it regenerated by just starting up, although it may take some time if you have a production database copy.

Also, there’s no such thing of propagating a locally fixed index to production, since it has it’s own index. The idea is to change the settings on production and restart.

Hope this helps,

Hi Jeroen.

Thanks four your answer. Now I can proceed with this.

Kind regards, Mario.