Hst:sitemap shadowing hst:workspace/hst:sitemap

Hi All,
We have an hst:configurations structure like this.

I have noticed that when I added the research endpoint in hst:configurations/hst:hippointranet/hst:sitemap the pages in hst:hst:configurations/hst:hippointranet/hst:workspace/hst:sitemap/hst:research are no longer accessible (e.g. it throws a 404). I know that the items are being shadowed, but I cannot figure out a way to prevent it. I would like the recognition endpoints to be accessible as well as the amo and greater-together endpoints. Is there a good way to do this?


The main sitemap takes precedence over the workspace. So when you added the hst:configurations/hst:hippointranet/hst:sitemap node, you caused the workspace one to be ignored. This should be visible in your logfiles. You need to move everything to either in or out of the workspace.

Thanks. That is what I thought, but the problem is that the workspace sitemap items are not bootstrapped and we need to make sure that the awards endpoints don’t disappear when we move them to a different environment (e.g. from QA to Production). I don’t really want to bootstrap the workspace either, because there are some endpoints that get set up by users in the CMS that are stored there. Is there a way of setting up the endpoints so that they are stored in version control with the source code, and can be easily moved from environment to environment without stomping on the workspace sitemap items?