Moving existing pages from hst:sitemap to workspace sitemap


I have a set of documents with folder structure in CMS that is used for final URL, configured in /hst:hst/hst:configurations/myproject/hst:sitemap.

Now the 2 highest levels will be moved to Experience Manager and so their URL will be configured in the workspace.

The folder structure contains related documents which will not be moved to workspace sitemap, so their sitemap configuration wil have to stay in hst:sitemap. The highest level configuration will have to be removed from hst:sitemap as it is not possible to have same name in hst:sitemap and workspace sitemap.
The issue is that the wish is not to change the existing URL’s of all involved pages.

A possible solution I see is to import the relevant default configuration to the workspace sitemap which, running locally, seems to retain the existing URL.
But I do not want to add configuration to workspace. For test platform it has to be bootstrapped, on acceptation and production it will have to be added manually and I foresee problems in the future e.g. with upgrades and whatnot.

Anybody any experience or advice on this issue?


When you say the sitemap will be moved to the workspace, I assume you are using prototpye pages for this? If that is the case, please consider using xpages instead. I think that could solve our issue as the sitemap for xpages are in the regular sitemap.

Yes, we are using prototype pages for the move.
On my wish list are xpages, depending on product owner, xpages will be introduced with upgrade to v15 (from clean archetype).
So my conclusion is that putting the “default” configuration into the workspace will be temporary solution to keep URL’s the same will be acceptable? That is prototype pages can relatively simply made xpages?

It is relatively simple to migrate to xpages from prototypes. I think your solution is probably acceptable.