Transfer Documenttype to another project

Hi Community,

is there a smart way to transfer a document type definition from one project to another ?
I tried to di this via yaml export ans import - bt that did not work. I just get the message : Import failed :frowning:


You also need to register your document (CND change).
Easy way would be to create your document within CMS interface (document types) and just leave it empty (you need to use same document name). After this, CND entry will be registered and you can import your yaml file (just delete newly created node and import your YAML file).

Note that base document, document URI etc. needs to be same. Preferred way to do this is via bootstrapping of course, so your dev/test/act systems are in sync.

So far so good. Now I still get an error.
The nodetype is imported but not the prototype - node

Could it be a version- issue ? Source is 13.4 and target is 13.0 ?

most probably not, but, without error log it is hard to say. If your document is referencing other node types/compound types, those need to be imported (available) first, otherwise you might get “unknown node type” errors.

Is there an errorlog ? And if, where can I find it?