Is it possible to create multiple namespaces in hippo cms?

Hi Guys,

could you please let me know if it is possible below scenario.
we are using CMS13.0.1 version, we have a requirement to create 2 namespaces under one Hippo Instance.

like namespace : A ( this will have it’s own compound & document types )
B ( this will have it’s own compound & document types )

is it possible to have sharing compounds ?

thanks in advance & warm regards

It is possible but not advisable. It adds a lot of complications with tooling (essentials), coding, update scripts and such… and doesn’t add much value (IMO).

Hello Machak,

thanks for your valuable suggestion and immediate reply.
But we have requirement like above.
I have created .cnd file, added .yaml file and main.yaml i have added our name space details.
jcr:primaryType: hipposysedit:namespace
jcr:mixinTypes: [‘mix:referenceable’]
jcr:uuid: c5da6028-ebe2-4d1c-baaa-8b3747d91e9e

i tried to create namespace from console but i am running into below exception. could you please help me out.

[SaveDialog.onOk:84] Error while saving content from the console

[ INFO ] [talledLocalContainer] javax.jcr.nodetype.ConstraintViolationException: /content/documents/cmsdigitalcontent: mandatory property {}locale does not exist

thanks & regards

Your document needs hippotranslation:locale property, which is missing…
EDIT: most probably you are missing id property too…so something like:

hippotranslation:id: cafebabe-cafe-babe-cafe-babecafebabe
hippotranslation:locale: en

where cafe babe stuff is some unique UUID…

Hello Machak,

thanks for your time, it’s works now.