Is the hippocms namespace protected in Version 14

I have a Version 12 project that I’m upgrading to Version 14. I’m starting with a clean project boostrapped from the 14.5 archetype and slowly pulling over files into the new code base

I’m concerned that the namespace our team used for the V12 upgrade is no longer going to work with V14: hippocms

Can someone provide clarity on whether or not this document namespace is protected? It appears to be referenced as a group:hippo-cms in some config artifacts including hippo-repository-config

I really don’t want to have to rewrite namespaces if I can avoid it…


Caused by: Namespace definition can not be a part of site module: hippo/hippo-cms/hippo-repository/hippo-repository-config
[INFO] [talledLocalContainer]   at ~[hippo-configuration-management-model-14.5.0.jar:14.5.0]

Hi Andy,
‘hippocms’ is not a protected namespace, no need to rewrite it!

This is about the yaml bootstrapping: the module loading your nodes below /hippo:namespaces is regarded a ‘site’ module, which isn’t allowed.
See Manage Site-Specific Data - Bloomreach Experience - Headless Digital Experience Platform (and sibling pages)

Not sure if you have a multi webapp mode on but normally you don’t need that.

You may want to generate a fresh 14 project from archetype to see how the modules typically look like.

Regards, Jeroen

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