Is it possible to make a document type field editable according to the user role?


Is there any way to make a field of a specific document type editable according to the role of the user who edits that document?

not OOTB. You could create custom fields/logic for this though.

Would there be a few steps or a tutorial to apply that logic?

There is no tutorial that I am aware of and generally we would discourage such customizations for maintenance reasons. If you have sufficient wicket knowledge, you can look into the rendering plugins and override those. For documents the rendering plugins are defined in the namespace editor template.

is there any possibility of using Freemarker for this?

Could creating some mixins and adding those to the appropriate template nodes work?

That way, you could have a security domain for each of the user roles that filters out the appropriate mixins, effectively showing/hiding a particular part of the template.

The ‘uneditable’ information would be hidden for those users though, so it might not really be what you want.