JCR repository compilation problem

Good morning ,

My problem is related more to Maven. by adding the following dependency:

to add the following classes:


I get the following error:

Cual es el problema?

Muchas gracias !

Ola Alfonso,
This seems not a Maven build problem, this is runtime error on startup, isn’t it?
Coincidentily I answered a similar question on the “Namespace definition can not be a part of site module” error this morning for Andy, can you check that please?

Hi, thanks for the quick response. I found the question you answered this morning but it does not solve my question.

I have identified the problem, this happens when I add the following dependency in the components / pom.xml

If I remove that dependency the error does not appear


OK I suspect the bootstrapping yamls in hippo-repository-config.jar, which is pulled from hippo-repository-engine is leading to this error.

The underlying cause is that hippo-repository-engine is not designed to be in the site war.
Workflow is done differently is the delivery tier, please refer to

Regards, Jeroen