Content inheritance


Does bloomreach offers content inheritance so that I can add all the common properties of a document to its parent folder in order for all its (children) documents to inherit it ? For example, assume the following Folder/Document structure:

Region (Folder)
—> RegionalDocument1 (Document)
—> RegionalDocument2 (Document)

With the above structure, is it possible to add a property regionName=<region_name> to Region Folder so that RegionalDocument1 and RegionalDocument2 Documents can both inherit it (which would in turn avoid the user to enter the regionName to each document(s) separately) ?



Hi Selva,

As a direct answer to your question, the folder in XM does not support editable fields (hippostd:folder type), and content inheritance in content storage level is not supported.

But if you can change your problem slightly to 'whether authors can define default field values for the documents in the folder, and whether the delivery-tier may show the default values if the specific document has blank fields somehow, then an answer could be as follows:

  • authors may be asked to provide a default value document by a convention in the folder. e.g, folder1/defaults
  • you may define custom Content Bean for the specific document type in the deliery-tier. [1][2]
  • in your custom Content Bean, you may have extra getters for default values read from the default value document if existing. e.g, #getDefaultTitle().
  • in your templates, you may render title or defaultTitle. e.g, <#if doc.title?has_content>${doc.title}<#else>${doc.defaultTitle}</#if>




Hi Woonsan,

Thanks for the workaround!