Issue Installing and running Graphql Service

Hello, I am trying to create the BRX Graphql service following the instructions at

Install brX GraphQL Service - Bloomreach Experience - Headless Digital Experience Platform

However, the service itself is not starting up. A couple of questions:

  1. To confirm, this does not need to be a hippo project to start off with. I simply created the project directory, created the .env file, and initiated via the npm utility.
  2. Where is the log file to see if there are any errors during start-up?


  1. Right, this does not need to be tight to a XM (or hippo) project
  2. You would be able to see logs directly on the terminal, where the npm command is executed

Please let us know in case you get some error messages.

Great thank you on point #1!

For #2, I am not seeing anything in the console!


could you share the content of your .env file ?
Moreover, could you share details regarding you dev environment (e.g. node version, OS, etc.) ?