Jinja Nested Statements for Personalisation


Firstly I’m not sure if this is the right category for this but it seems to be by far the most used. If it’s not right let me know and I’ll repost elsewhere.

Is anyone able to help with more complex Jinja?

What I am trying to do is personalise an email for products being back in stock based on the customer completing a weblayer banner on a specific page, however I am struggling with he syntax.

The format I am aiming for is:

if ‘banner.id’ is shown on a ‘url’ which contains the location of the product in a catalogue(‘catalogs[Products].item_by_url’), then show the product title (again from the catalogue).

I feel like this should be possible I just can;t get it to work.

What I have already is:

{% if event.banner_id == “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx” and item == catalogs[xxxxxxx].item_by_url in event.location %} item[‘title’] {% else%} {% endif %}

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks :slight_smile:


this forum is for the brxm content product. It may be someone here knows the answer, but otherwise maybe look here:


Thanks Jasper :slight_smile: