Migration question

Is it possible to upgrade directly between versions such as 11 to 13 without going through 12 first? This is just an example I used for the purpose of the question. I see a defined path in the documentation for sequential upgrades, was wondering it’s possible to directly upgrade.

That is not possible, so you need to upgrade to each major version first.

Would like to ask this as well, to get suggestions:

      Would it be easier for migration to start with a "hello world" instance of the latest version and try migrating the content and customizations of a previous version onto that directly, instead of upgrading version by version ?

The problem with a new project is that you then also have a content migration to do. You cannot simply start a new project on an existing repository and expect it to work. It will only be easier in specific use cases. You also lose all your history doing it this way.

In general we recommend to upgrade through the different versions. For very old versions or very complicated projects with lots of technical debt it may be worth it to start with a fresh project. The reason you need to go through each version is that each new major version has changes that are only applied for that version. To maintain upgrade paths between multiple version would be very resource intensive.