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I am using CMS-14.5.0 and integrated with MySQL. After integration I can see MySQL size gets increased/decreased based on items operations. After that I did:-

  1. I truncated my tables or deleted all records from tables for cross check, now I am facing with below

    and below is table schema :

  2. After deleting all data from mysql, still I can see those on CMS-UI, not sure where those are getting saved apart from MySQL, strange is if it gets stores in H2(storage) then after services scale up/down that should be destroyed but it is not. Data still there.

  3. When I delete database and re-create it after that it starts working but again repeat point 2, it fails.

Can anyone help me for above queries?.

Manish Kumar

Hi Manish,
The “No revision available” seems to be that the internal data structure broke when manipulation tables.
When working locally, usually you don’t need to do that; just drop/recreate the database.

On MySQL, the storage directory will still be present because the search index (Lucene) is stored there.

Please revisit the doc at