Page locked for a newly created project


Im following the academy course for content SaaS, Im following these steps:

  1. Browse to the Experience Manager and to the BrX SaaS channel. Switch to the “Create FAQ Page” project if you’re still working on the Core project.

2. At the top right, click on the “+Page” button,
fill out the properties and click Next:

a. Page name: FAQ

b. URL: faq

c. Document type: Page

d. Page layout: One-Column Layout

e. Page location: /content/documents/BrX SaaS/pages

3. On the next panel, fill out the Title and you can leave the other properties alone. Click Create.

4. At the top left, click on the Show sitemap and components button and browse to the components section.

5. Add a page-specific Reference SPA Title & Text component to the Top container and fill in its properties:

a. Title: FAQ Page

b. Text: This page contains the most frequently asked questions

6. Use the Menu Editor to create a new Menu Item with an internal link pointing to this new document.

However, When I try to add the Reference SPA Title & Text component to the newly created page, it does not get added. It looks like its locked. I feel it has something to do with the project because its in development. Any tips here?



Do you see in the notification banner (just below the toolbar) that the page ‘FAQ’ is not part of the project?
Have you tried adding the page to the project first?

Hi Nikola,
No it says “Page faq for Create FAQ page”. And also Im sure this page is part of the project. Please check the screenshot

those are shared containers and changes apply to every page:

Im not trying to add it to a shared container. Im trying to add it on top or main container

So, given your earlier screenshot, if you hover over the target container, how would that look? Would you see a sign of locking? (You write “It looks like its locked”) I’d expect you see a suggestion to insert the component there…