Prototype page link to page document


We’re just in the process of setting up a site for the client and are using Prototype Pages, as we want the user to be able to create pages wherever they want and can just drop generic components into an editable area.

We have a page document for each page which contains thing like the seo title and description.

At the moment in order to retrieve this document for each page, we’re setting the Primary Document under the properties of the Prototype Page. To do this, we are having to create a component on the page that links to the page’s document. This doesn’t feel right, as the component we are creating on the page doesn’t actually do/display anything apart from add a document into the Primary Document drop down.

Is there a better way of allowing a prototype page to link to a page document? For normal hst:pages this can be done through the console’s sitemap, but the prototype pages seem to generate their own bits of sitemap on the fly. What might work is if we could somehow add another property to the Prototype Page which lets us select the page document. Or perhaps there is a better way to add a document to the Primary Document dropdown?

Any pointers would be greatly appriciated.