Unable to find Hippo spring security plugin in Essentials


I followed this document HST Spring Security Support Documentation – How to use HST Spring Security Support to install the Hippo spring security plugin automatically through essentials. I’ve added the dependency in the essentials pom file (version as 3.0.0) but the Hippo spring security plugin tool is not listed in Essentials.


Any suggestions to solve this please?

Thanks in advance!

Note sure, the Essentials plugin could have broken… this is in a 14.x project I assume?

You can revert to the section “Installing HST Spring Security Support Manually” instead.


plugin is never deployed as far as I know, so you need to install it locally first (mvn install)

Actually that Essentials plugin is at Index of /groups/maven2-forge/org/onehippo/forge/hst-springsec/hst-springsec-essentials/3.0.0

So if the maven2-forge repo is set up in pom.xml, it should find it…