Relevance characteristics by sitemapitem (or even documentType)

We want to create 2 relevance characteristics, and I can’t seem to find clear documentation on something I feel should be straight-forward and provided by the system.

  • One case is by document type. If the page view is of namespace myspace:mydocument, what steps are required to enable creating a characteristic tracking mydocument?
  • The other case is a sitemapitem that calls external APIs for the data to render. There is no document in Hippo, but we do the rendering based on sitemapitem (might be able to consider it as path patterns).

This might be a remedial question, but I just couldn’t find any documentation how to perform these actions.

Hi there,

The Relevance tutorial shows you how to create a document type collector:

I suggest following the whole trail.

The second case you mentioned should also be easy, I believe there is a collector that collects the request URL (if not it is trivial to implement). That should be able to be used/modified to collect information about the user hitting your sitemap items.

BTW, we have a relevance training, attending which should allow you to configure/create these collectors and implement your own ones.

Here is the info:



Thanks! I was sure there had to be documentation - I just wasn’t able to find it.

I took the relevance workshop a while back - but it was tailored to the custom characteristics we built. Poor notes about existing solutions.