Remove Updater Editor History


Is there any other way of mass deleting the history from the jobs run using Updater Editor apart from selecting each log and deleting?

I have scheduled a cron job to run the updater editor and the frequency of the job is every 10 mins which is necessary.

It’s getting really difficult to load the updater editor screen because of the amount of history.

So, is there a way to remove them or atleast not maintain history for that specific job?


You can use same job and delete all entries that are older than x amount of time. All it takes is adding few lines of code.

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Sorry but that’s really abstract. Do you know which module or where in repository the history is stored? Or any reference?


there is nothing abstract about it, nodes are stored under /hippo:configuration/hippo:update/hippo:history nodes, you just need to iterate through nodes and call node.remove() method if you want to remove specific node.

That’s great. Thanks