Resource bundle default value


we use resource bundles in the usual way to hold more or less static but localized values for website rendering - e.g. button labels.

@fmt.message key=submitLabelKey bundle=testbundle  />

if the used bundle has a default value set and the locale of the channel

is not specified in the resource bundle as value set - the default value is rendered as expected.

However, if the resource bundle holds a value set for the requested locale which is empty for the specified key - the default is not used as fallback.
Is that normal? Do you have any hints how to change that behavior to use the default as fallback?

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From [1]:

Note that, within the scope of a single resource bundle, fallback to the value of the default locale when a key has no value (i.e. the value is an empty string) for a specific locale is currently not supported This means that you should supply a value for all locales unless you intent to use the empty string as a valid value.

[1] HST Dynamic Resource Bundles Support - Bloomreach Experience Manager - The Fast and Flexible Headless CMS