SPA++ maximum ref depth in resourceAPI?

Hi Hippo’s,

I have a page, which has multiple components (Documents), which can have multiple items (also documents), which can have images. When I request this page through the resourceAPI I get the entire content tree, except for the images (the $ref’s to the images are present though). However, when I remove the component level document and add the items directly to the page, I do get the images returned in the resourceAPI.
It seems like there is a maximum to the depth of references being resolved.
So, my questions:

  1. Is there a maximum reference depth for documents requested through the resourceAPI?
  2. If so, can I change this?


Hi Rick,

Yes. The default maximum reference (depth) level is 1.

If you want to change the maximum reference (depth) level only for the specific request, you can simply pass _maxreflevel query parameter to the request URL. e.g, http://localhost:8080/site/myapp/resourceapi/news/?_maxreflevel=2.

Or if you want to change the default maximum reference (depth) level itself, add the following in the hst configuration properties (e.g, site/…/WEB-INF/ or /conf/

pagemodelapi.v09.defaultMaxContentReferenceLevel = 3

I will try to add this info to this documentation as well:



Awesome, thanks Woonsan!