To make contents more dynamic i am facing issue help me out friends

hi everyone i am making contents more dynamic in hippo by following the below link

here in step 4: create a java component mentioned that org.example.components package but i am not finding this path in my project. where can i create SimpleComponent java class???

I attached my project structure guide me where do i create SimpleComponent java class??

Create a folder called component in muhippoproject-site/src/main/java/codebele/myhippoproject
And then create SimpleComponent java class

thank you for quick reply Rakesh

when i am trying to create SimpleComponent java class in myhippoproject-site/src/main/java/codebele/myhippoproject/components path i am getting error that source folder is not a java project what is the solution ??

for reference i attached screen shot of error see

You are using the Navigator view in Eclipse. Try to find a Java view of Package explorer view, that should help you better in writing Java code. If eclipse doesn’t treat a new folder as containing java code you should be able to mark it as such.

I think you can create SimpleComponent using Essentials.

hi thank you for your reply
no use dude after viewing by package explorer also getiing same error, I am not getting exact solution for this.

how to create using essentials can you explain ??

guys without solving this issue i can’t move forward in my project please help me…

July 16

guys without solving this issue i can’t move forward in my project please
help me…

Thanks Mahesh for starting to explore Hippo CMS. Have you found our
Tutorials? They are a very good starting point:

Next to that you may be helped by some Eclipse tutorial maybe that helps
you write Java code. Using Eclipse shouldn’t be that hard, but it is not
something Hippo-specific.

You need create the component in a Java source folder.

  1. Verify the source folder. It seems it’sreferring to the top level folder instead of src/main/java/codebele/myhippoproject/components.
  2. if 1 still doesn’t work: Check this:


See, there is option Simple Content in the essentials, just follow instructions given.

Your hippo maven settings should have taken care of this if you import it as maven project.
But check if the src directory is in the build path