Unable to add taxonomies Hippo 12.3


I have added a section of type taxonomies in one of my Document Types. However, I am unable to add any taxonomies. As a result I do not have anything to select from when I create a document.

Can we add taxonomies via Yaml files or should we use the UI ?
If I only have to use the UI, where I find a add/create option ?

Many thanks

Hi kiki,
When in the content perspective, can you find the dropdown in the top left of your screen and does it contain “Taxonomies”?
If all went well during installation, you should be able to edit the available taxonomies, see also the documentation here: https://documentation.bloomreach.com/library/concepts/plugins/taxonomy/about.html
Doest this help or are you looking for something else?

Kind regards,

Thank you Jens,
Hi on the top left corner I did not see a “taxonomies” folder at all. :(. Am i missing this on installation ? How do i verify this ?


On the essentials dashboard I see that Taxonomies are installed. I rebuilt and restarted the project too. I still do not see the taxonomies folder on the top left corner.

Should I configure something after installlation ?

Did you configure the plugin as in [1]?
Also you can check in /console app whether there is a taxonomy tree below /content/taxonomies


[1] https://documentation.bloomreach.com/library/concepts/plugins/taxonomy/configuration.html