Unable to get Form attributes through resource api for SPA

Hi Team,

I am working on forms by using Enterprise Forms Plugin for SPA Application. Form is displaying on site is fine. But model or form attributes are not coming through resource api. I tried to extend AutoDetectFormComponent to set a model or attribute of form.

But response is negative and it is not allowing to set the form on cms channel. Its displaying error message like “This component has no editable properties”.

Please help me on this issue.

Harin Delli

Above looks ok to me. Is above method called at all (no errors etc?)
Component dialog should show you one property though
(pickerSelectableNodeTypes = { “eforms:form” })

Hi machak,
I am able to select the form through component. But problem is parameters information is getting from default values instead of getting from form.

Expected param info should be based on this image::

Harin Delli

I am trying to do the same thing and facing the same issues. Any luck solving this?