'Unpublished References' dialog warns about 'unpublished' images, but all images are live by default


When publishing a document that has a linked image (its type is hippogallerypicker:imagelink), the user is shown the ‘Unpublished References’ modal that warns them that “This document has a reference to 1 unpublished document:”, and lists the image as the supposedly unpublished document. However, as per the documentation, ‘images have no publication state, they are public by default.’ and there is no publication workflow available for images.

The WorkflowUtils class that creates this list of unpublished documents checks if the availability of the node is ‘live’, but images have no availability property.

Is there any way for me to stop the CMS from warning the user about ‘unpublished’ images, or should I raise an issue at https://issues.onehippo.com/?




I cannot reproduce this. I tried on 12.5.0 archetype and a 12.1.0 archetype. Added a “image link” compound to the simple document type (installed from essentials).