Updating - Docker Maven Plugin configuration "cannot find assemblies"

Hi all, I’m looking to update Bloomreach to 14.7.12 (from 14.5.0, with the idea being updating to 15 at some point). Unfortunately I’m having a problem on the build command:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal io.fabric8:docker-maven-plugin:0.33.0:remove (Delete docker image) on project *project*: Unable to parse configuration of mojo io.fabric8:docker-maven-plugin:0.33.0:remove for parameter assemblies: Cannot find 'assemblies' in class io.fabric8.maven.docker.config.BuildImageConfiguration

The docker image runs ok on 14.5.0, I’ve checked the release notes and as far as I’ve seen everything should be ok - is there something I’m missing? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

HAve you made any customizations to the docker profile?

Hi, I’m getting the same error message after upgrade to 15.1.2 from 15.1.0 and I haven’t made any customization in the profile